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The most advanced micro-receiver available for competitors. REceiver PRO is amazingly compact, durable, and delivers superior audio quality over any device in its category. 

REceiver PRO features two programmable preset channels, a crisp LCD screen, stereo or mono audio-in and audio-out ports, adjustable volume, and is amazingly compact (3.06” tall, 1.88” wide, .88” deep).

For competitors, REceiver PRO routes your two-way radio through the input while connecting your earbuds to the output, allowing one earpiece to hear both audio sources. REceiver PRO does not scan and meets series requirements of not scanning between channels.

Features include:

  • 3.5mm (1/8”) stereo or mono audio in/out ports 
  • 2 programmable RF channels 
  • 450-470 MHz range 
  • 12.5 KHz bandwidth
  • 1600 UHF channel bank 
  • LCD Display (1.44” x .88”) 
  • Adjustable volume 
  • REceiver PRO supports CSQ, TPL, and DPL codes 
  • FCC and motorsports compliant
  • Does not scan and meets series requirements for not scanning between channels 
  • Package includes REceiver PRO, belt clip holster