Speedway, Indiana (February 3, 2023)………Since 1959, the United States Auto Club Benevolent Foundation has provided financial aid to the families of auto racing participants with ties to USAC who have been injured and/or are in need of assistance.

In 2023, a new chapter begins with the rebranding of the USAC Benevolent Foundation to what will now be known as USAC RACEAID.  Though the name has changed, the mission remains the same.

USAC RACEAID’s new website can be found at  There, you’ll be able to make online donations, register for fundraisers, sign-up for volunteer opportunities and fill out an online grant application.

Additionally, you’ll find the license plate petition on the website.  USAC RACEAID must collect at least 500 signatures from Indiana residents in order to apply for a custom license plate.  If approved, USAC RACEAID will receive $25 for each license plate purchase with the USAC designation.  These funds will go directly to the foundation in order to assist our racing community.  Application and signatures must be submitted by April 1.

USAC RACEAID fundraising events will be coming soon throughout the 2023 racing season, including 2-Seater Sprint Car rides with seven-time USAC National driving champion Levi Jones, a Women’s Golf Outing and a Month of May Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Furthermore, new USAC RACEAID merchandise will soon be available with proceeds from the sales going directly to the foundation.

Advancements in technology and safety have made auto racing much safer than it was in the past and USAC’s insurance is arguably the best offered in the sport, even in catastrophic situations.  However, history tells us that there will still be accidents, some of which can be devastating, resulting in death or long-term injuries.

The immediate costs associated with these accidents are compounded by ongoing costs that can be staggering for the families involved.  Injuries sustained in a crash often require extensive medical care which can be ongoing for years after the accident.  In addition, some injuries require individuals to retire from the sport.  Loss of employment can make it difficult to meet the daily living expenses for themselves and their families.  And, of course, sometimes the unthinkable happens and a driver will die in a crash, leaving family members without a loved one to provide for them.

In all these cases, USAC RACEAID is there to step in and financially assist race drivers, race officials, race organizers and mechanics who sustain injury and are in need of assistance.  USAC RACEAID also provides support to surviving family members with immediate and ongoing expenses.  Over the years, the foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to help members and their families in times of need.

The USAC Benevolent Foundation (now USAC RACEAID) took control of the funds collected under the Wilbur Shaw Memorial Fund, which was established in 1954 following the death of the three-time Indianapolis 500 winner.  Since that time, USAC RACEAID has been assisting with the needs of the USAC membership family since its establishment. The needs, whether small or large, never cease.